Orthodontic Treatment for Adults/Dental Braces for Adults in Delhi

Before you feel that alignment of your teeth are getting worse year by year, get it rectified immediately if didn’t did earlier. And, you will love this, “no one will be going to notice that you are undergoing orthodontic treatment” but, will definitely appreciate your sparkling smile. Get Orthodontic / Braces Treatment for adults by experienced Orthodontist in Delhi at Dental Quest

However, most of the people assume that wearing braces is not for adults, but it is not true. According to recent study, around 20 percent of braces wearers or patients are adults. The main reasons behind this trend are more delicate and less visible alternatives such as aligners and ceramic braces.

Why Do Adults Choose To Get Braces?

Teeth may shift or change with age, due to an injury, a medical condition known as tongue thrust, and simply due to natural growth. Moreover, some individuals regret that their previously good-looking, straight teeth have turned into overcrowded and crooked. Some of them may begin feeling jaw pain, finding it difficult to clean or wash their teeth, or complaining to have an unattractive smile. On the other hand there’re some adults who always required going with braces due to crooked teeth, but their parents didn’t have money to go through the medical procedure. Thus, they decide to get their teeth corrected when get older. Further, there’re some individuals who need this treatment to boost their career.

In concise, we can conclude that most of the adults find this treatment a valuable investment as it guarantees them for having long-lasting straight teeth.

I Had Braces As a Kid. Why Do I Need Them Again?

Scientifically teeth shift as people get older, and a few individual’s teeth shift or alter more than others. In case of not wearing your retainer as long as your orthodontist suggested or prescribed, or are typically unsuitable with the natural growth of your jaw then your teeth may return to their previous position i.e. crooked, unaligned and irregular. Recently, orthodontists have started recommending patients to wear retainers much longer time than they used to suggest in previous decades, and thus often indefinitely, thwarting tooth functionality. Unfortunately, it means that even aged individuals, who used to be ideal patients as children, could find themselves requiring braces again.

Clear Aligners/Braces – the best orthodontic treatment for Adults
Clear Aligners are regarded as the best alternative to typical braces. They are manufactured to help direct teeth into a desired place. However, clear aligners offer gradual force to manage or adjust tooth movement just like braces, but they don’t need brackets and metal wires. These aligners are manufactured using a durable plastic material as well as designed to adjust into each individual’s mouth. In case of making a series of clear aligners, each clear aligner forces the teeth a bit more into a proper position until the expected movement is done or achieved.

In order to get maximum possible effectiveness, it is recommended to wear aligners at least twenty hours a day. Further, each aligner is needed to be worn for 3 weeks before altering or moving to the next one. What is the length of this treatment? If this is your question, you must know that the length of aligner treatment largely depends upon the condition of each case. On an average, aligner treatment could be between 3 weeks to 6 weeks. Therefore, it can be concluded that clear braces is regarded as a less time-consuming treatment than typical braces.

Advantages of orthodontic treatment with ClearPath Aligners
If you are looking for a straighter natural smile even without wearing usual metal braces or if you’ve already gone through orthodontic treatment but want to make some little corrections or adjustments to your smile, you need to look nowhere else but clear aligners – the best orthodontic treatment for older or mature individuals. There are numerous benefits of using clear aligners. So, let’s have a look at some of these advantages.

Advantages (Quick view)

Advantages of ClearPath Aligners

  • ? ClearPath launches advanced 3D technology called CLEAR ALIGNERS that offer a solid and a clear choice to usual braces.
  • ? Being the only latest orthodontic medical treatment modality, ClearPath helps monitoring or keeping an eye on patient remotely even after the necessary PVS impressions have be taken.
  • ? Easy to use online medical treatment planning, many years of R&D, most affordable services and no need of bonded attachments, etc. have made it possible.
  • ? Further, the aligners come incorporated with pre-programmed movements applied by a certain medical plan, and could be delivered throughout the globe even with no additional charges.

ClearPath - orthodontic treatment for foreign patients

Benefit of ClearPath Aligners
  • ? ClearPath introduces new 3D technology CLEAR ALIGNERS which provide a clear alternative to braces
  • ? ClearPath is the only orthodontic treatment modality that makes it possible to monitor & follow up a patient remotely, after the PVS impressions are made!
  • ? Years of R&D, easy online treatment planning, cutting edge services & no bonded attachments have made this possible
  • ? The aligners contain pre-programmed movements dictated by your treatment plan, and can be delivered anywhere in the world at no extra cost!

“3D Clear Aligner treatment has been placed among the top orthodontic treatments. The high-increasing demand for comfortable and aesthetic orthodontic therapy as well as swiftly expanding gamut of viable cases has witnessed PLASTIC ALIGNER TREATMENT successfully accomplishing more than three million serious cases worldwide by several systems.”

Scope of ClearPath's Proprietary 3D Aligner Technology

ClearPath has launched latest and advanced quality clear aligner system (USFDA approved) that offers a clear, convenient, hygienic solution or answer for the correction or adjustment of malocclusion even without having to use metal wires and brackets. The use of innovative technology by ClearPath’s official aligner system not only offers the advantage of esthetics, hygiene and comfort to a patient but also provides control or management and predictability to orthodontist throughout the treatment procedure.

In concise, if you are looking for a comfort, reliable and advanced technologies enabled orthodontic treatment for adults, you need to look nowhere else but CLEAR ALIGNERS.

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